Teabag vs Loose Leaf

Ok, I am not gonna be a tea snob by saying that all teabags are bad. In fact, some teabags have loose leaf in them. And they are specially shaped to maximize the flavor of the loose leaf in them too. But those are not very commonly found. Especially not in the groceries.

Now on to the ordinary teabags in groceries. They aren’t all bad. I have already named one in a previous post ;)

So why do I need to blog this again? Coz.. of the price point. Now I don’t know about you but I like to milk my tea leaves for all they’re worth and as long as I’m getting flavor from it, I am going to steep it! Quality loose leaf tea can be steeped more than ordinary teabags (which usually last for two steeps for me and the second is not quite so good anymore).

So if you are buying a tea that is 115php/30g, divide that into 10 (a very conservative estimate really, a little bit of our tea goes a long way already) so you spend at most 11.50php per serving. Steep it a couple times that makes less than 5.75php/serving. Much cheaper than your soda. And have I told you we have a rootbeer flavored tea? ;)

But wait, there’s more! Haha…your average teabag contains 2g of tea dust. Dust is like, the super broken down version of the whole leaf. It has more surface area so it steeps faster but it is also more exposed to air so the tea is not as good anymore. Hmmm. Ok, I will stop there to keep from really being branded a tea snob. In my defense, there are a few flavored grocery tea bags that I enjoy too. But yea, for the price point, I still say loose leaf wins XD


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